The Evolution Of Supply Chain Management Essay

1320 Words Nov 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Andrius Blekys
Dr. Stryz
Professional Writing
19 October 2016
The Evolution of Supply Chain Being undeclared places a lot of pressure on a freshman to select a major. Parents are not as understanding of one’s college experience if there is no “goal” in mind. There is even a stigma that students will be lost in their academic studies and may never find what they want to do in college. I however do not believe this to be true. Being undeclared, in my book, allows freshman to explore many different majors and chose a few fields that interest them. While exploring the many fields Michigan State offers, I chose to focus on business, or even more specifically, supply chain management. Even though Michigan State University has the number one program in the country according to U.S. News, this fact was not my deciding factor. What I found to be so fascinating about supply chain management is the diversity of the field and the new technological trends that will help shape my career. To begin my journey exploring the future of supply chain management, I think it is important to first have the basic concepts of supply chain and learn about its history. This will give me an understanding of where it came from and why it is going in the direction that it is. Let’s start out by defining supply chain management. Dean Valla, Educational Specialist at University of California says that, “Supply chain management includes all the activities a business employs to keep its products flowing,…

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