The Evolution Of E-Commerce And Www

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E-commerce and WWW The world is a global village, this is stated with regards to the way the world is connected from all aspects be it business or personal, every era is defined by a trend, and this era is defined by its globalized economy popularly known as ‘globalization’ and this trend shift started with the inception of the world wide web (www) for the global audience in the year 1993 that sparked a revolution that is still growing by each passing day, creating new trends in the shape of online shopping, social media platforms, video chats and much more and quintessentially laid the basis of a globalized interconnected world at all times. The magnitude of the global impact of the internet can be gauged from the fact that every 2 in 5 …show more content…
The e-commerce is growing at a very quick rate, the retail sales using this e-commerce portal stands at 7%, the future looks bright with new leaders presumed to topple the established names in the sector (Puri), one of the major opportunity for e-commerce as a sector in the future is consumer fragmentation that will focus on a consumer niche for pushing sales, the system will work with targeting consumers with access to different media devices and through that the behavioral patterns will be researched to drive sales by targeting specific areas of

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