The European Influence on Native American Essay

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RUNNING HEADING: The European influence on Native American

The European influence on Native American


Eric Orr

COM 220

Axia College

Melanie Jeffrey, Instructor

By early 1600s the Native American formed a confederacy to work against the

Europeans. The Europeans influence the culture of the Native American by bring

diseases, constant warfare because the over taking of land, guns, steel hatchets, pots, and

kettles of brass ,and even the way to produce cloths and make die for thread. The

Europeans’ came with their cultural arrogance basically put their influence on Native

American by been diabolical and using weapons to accomplish meds ends. In this paper

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Tuberculosis–560% greater

2. Alcoholism–374% greater

3. Accidents–135% greater

4. Diabetes–107% greater

5. Homicide–91% greater

6. Pneumonia and influenza–39% greater

Alcohol was brought by the Europeans in the 1800s to the Native American

during the fur trades. Alcohol, with its addictions for the unsuspecting Natives, allowed

warriors were cheat of out, slaughter, or both, all for their coveted furs. The next several

figures listed below will show how alcohol has affected the Native American compare to

all races. Alcohol was use as a small part in the interaction with the Native Americans.

The American trading companies use the alcohol

to there advantage to make companies grow

bigger. The Europeans realize that alcohol was

creating havoc among the Native Americans since

they did not have alcohol in their culture. This is

a fact how alcohol has affected has affected the

Native Americans in the present -day This chart

presented by National Household Survey on Drug

Use and Health show how alcohol is the primary

substance abuse drug today among the Indians.

As I can see the introduction to alcohol has

divested the Native American races compare to

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