The Inevitable War: The Spanish And Aztec War

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The Inevitable War

Many would argue that the Spanish and Aztec war could have been avoided but the truth is that the Aztec and Spanish war was inevitable. The war had not one or two reasons, but many causes. First it was the disease, which the Aztec were newly introduced to and had no immunity or cure for. Another problem was that the Spanish were overwhelmingly greedy, and had not been satisfied with they already had and stayed to get more gold and people to convert.The main problem was that both the Spanish and Aztec were incredibly ethnocentric, which led to the differences in religious belief. All these reasons led to the defeat of the Aztec and would not have ended with a different outcome.

Disease was an issue in the Aztec/Spanish war and had caused many of the Aztec civilians to die. The main disease was Smallpox which most of the Spanish were immune to. The Spanish had brought over the disease from Cuba and it spread from an African slave. The slave was being looted one of Cortes’ men contracted it. When the Aztec army overwhelmed the Spanish after they returned and the man with the disease was killed and the disease spread from the man who killed him. When a member of an Aztec household contracted it, the disease spread all over the household and eventually killed all the
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The Spanish were really greedy and selfish that they were basically striping the Aztec of gold and people to convert. The Spanish left Spain with a mindset of finding gold and people that they can convert to Christian. The Spanish were not satisfied with the gold and slaves the Aztec had already given them. At one point their greed was so overwhelming that they were planning to take over the Aztec kingdom. With that the Spanish were already decided to take over all of the Aztec Empire and their resources. The Spanish had gone to the extent of making an alliance with the Aztec enemy Tlaxcalans to be able to reach their

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