The Ethnography Of Meddle East Essay

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The ethnography of Meddle East by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea in the story of “Guests of the Sheik” remind me my own town in my home country. Being from Medial East most of the cultural norms and Islamic roles in the story looked quite familiar with the cultural norms and Islamic roles back in my country. Lived all the way down on the other side of the ocean, I personal experienced most of the life experience of Fernea, which she mentioned in her story “Guests of the Sheik”. Elizabeth Warnock Fernea tried to impartially share her eye witnesses experience from the Islamic Shiite village of El Nahra with her focus on the women life in town. After reading her great work about one of the Islamic village in Meddle East named El Nahra. Hereby I would like to compare and contrast some of my life experience back in my home country with life experience of Fernea in the village of El Nahra.
The story of Elizabeth Warnock Fernea which she started with her night journey to the village of El Nahra totally alike with the journeys if you take one in my country. The dark roads, dirt on the roads, light spark far from a village and the passenger conversation are those memories which I have them from the journey from town to town back in my country. I raised up in the town called Kabul shah in the province of Kandahar in Afghanistan. The Kandahar province is one of the most famous provinces out of 36 in Afghanistan. One of the reasons for being such an important place is because most of the…

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