The Ethnographic Methods Used Oral History Essay

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In anthropology, one of the main ethnographic methods used is oral history. This field involves a “tape-recorded historical information obtained in interviews concerning personal experiences and recollections” (Merriam Webster). For this paper, I decided to interview my grandmother Gloria. I was really excited for the interview with my grandmother because she has lived during the time when women’s role in society was extremely strict. About a month ago, I called my grandmother first explaining the assignment. She seemed really interested and excited to share her life story. Thankfully, she replied with an enthusiastic yes to participate when I asked her for her consent. On the day of the interview (November 5th), I called her on skype and started off by updating her on how college is going. I answered her questions before starting the interview in an attempt to create a casual atmosphere. Once we got all caught up on how our personal lives have been lately, she was eager to start the interview. The day before, I sent her a copy of my questions, just so she can prepare for the actual interview. In our casual conversation, I informed my grandmother again that this is an assignment for my anthropology class. I read the description from the rubric document. Once I finished I asked again if she wishes to take part in this project and also if she wishes to have a fake identity. Her response was yes to continuing and that I have her permission to use her true identity. The…

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