The Ethics Of The Nursing Ethics Essays

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As the nursing ethics states compassion is an appearance of personal values that healthcare professionals portray through behaviour and therefore presenting an emotional dimension of caring for the service user and showing this through caring for them in a way of recognising and lessen the suffering of the individual.{nursing ethics } This shows how caring for the service user, paramedic practitioners should look at the holistic aspects of the individual in order to help and treat them right, while still being attentive to their needs and just want to help the patient and be there.
Professor Thomas G. Plante explains that an individual is born with compassionate features/intuition and will begin with an instinct to care for others {reference} however, Mikey Whitehead says that compassion can be taught, he suggested that if compassion couldn’t be taught, how would professionals be able to start a course with no compassion or empathy and then learn it throughout the course.{reference}. This shows how compassion is not always a present in the individual from the beginning, but developed over the years so that the paramedic practitioner can become sympathetic towards patients.

Compassion can be shown in different ways through situations and may look as if the healthcare professional is not being professional or compassionate towards the service user, however it is just in a different way and portrayed as being cruel for example, when helping a service user the paramedic may…

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