The Ethics Of Teaching By Kenneth Strike And Jonas Soltis Essay

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Karen Wise
EDU 332
Chuck Schierloh
October 5th, 2015
Prompt #3

In schools today, they are experiencing rapid growth in the number of student who are more culturally diverse. We often wondering how to deal with the issues that come along with diversity in the classroom. In Chapters 5 and 6 of the book called The Ethics of Teaching by Kenneth Strike and Jonas Soltis, the issues of multiculturalism, religious diversity and how to act professionally when faced with these situations. The objective is try to find a solution for dealing with diversity in a school. When faced with diversity in a school building, it may require teachers to grow and learn from and with the students and families that encompass it. When attempting to develop and discover diversity, there may be issues that teachers are going to have to face with students. In Chapter 5 of The Ethics of Teaching, it states that there are four main issues that seem to be relevant in a few case studies (Strike & Soltis pg.87). They can be identified as alienation, truth and who controls it, dialogue, and the question of the one and the many (Strike & Soltis pg.87). The schools should not want to be the bad guys. Understanding that ignoring someone‚Äôs self-identity and culture can be looked at as disrespectful. Sometimes there is the issue of teaching facts about a certain culture or group that may not be the experience of the students in the classroom of that same culture. On pg. 87 of Chapter 5 in the book, it states,…

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