Dr. Stockmann's An Enemy Of The People

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An Enemy of the People
a) ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’ is often a misquoted phrase these days. The judgment part is questioned often by people. In fact, people never focus much on the moral values they portray on their daily life but try to judge too often on the practices of others. In this strange world, making cross-cultural judgments based on moral values doesn’t have importance. When we talk about cultural aspects, people need to relate themselves to their own culture based on the principles they follow on their own lives. However the truth remains whether it is realistic to make judgments based on cross cultural aspects of others. It is difficult to get a clear answer. The bible phrase often makes it clear not to judge others as they themselves be judged. The argument would remain whether
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Stockmann and the townspeople are purely based on their moral principles. Their assessments on whether they are right or wrong is highly acceptable based on the facts. Dr. Stockmann knows what is in store for the future of the town if there is no immediate action taken on the contamination of water. He is clearly right in his assessment. It is a pure outcome based on the freethinking that he has developed for himself during his entire life. His thoughts and intentions are clear to save the society. However his thinking process is challenged by his own town people who felt the danger of their life if any actions been taken. The freethinking of Dr. Stockmann went against him (SparkNotes Editors, 2015). Even though the moral aspects are in place, there is something called majority decision that overpowers individuality. Dr. Stockmann fought a lonely battle to make the people know the truth but he has been cornered. Here the ‘wrongs’ have overpowered the ‘rights’ based on facts. However the townspeople always believed that their decisions are correct provided what is in store for their future (McConnell,

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