Importance Of Employee Retention

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Employee retention

Loving your job is an experience that not many people get to enjoy, a survey was conducted by career builder in 2014 found that 59% of employees were dissatisfied with their jobs. And another survey was done by Aon Hewitt with more than 7000 employees discovered that disengaged employee cost the company on an average of $10,000 a year. These are disturbing numbers. That is why I have always been an advocate of making the employees your best asset. Not sure why to this day employers don’t get this fact that when you make your employee your best asset you get more than what you asked for in productivity and it has been proven time after time. The one part I think management somehow don’t seem to think that there is a relationship between happy employee and how they engage with your customers. how many times we have been in a retail store, on the phone with customer service and experienced firsthand the treatment we get, many times we discover later that this particular company is not a great place to work for, and other time we experienced the complete
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I can see if we are forming a group and it is a benefit to sharing information but as individuals in our current status we should and act better than having to be reminded about ethical behavior. For me this goes beyond the test, the fact that it is in the text book is mind boggling but having worked in many companied in the past that ethical behavior was in some cases a second thought is so alarming. Over the years we hear for people and firms have been fined or jailed for practicing unethical behavior such as Enron, Worldcom, AIG, Bernie Madoff, Tyco and many more. You would think that based on these and many more we would learn the lesson of keeping an eye on internal procedures to prevent ethical

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