The Ethics Of Business Ethics Essay

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Business Ethics in Publishing
Morality and ethics are often used to describe a person who knows the difference between right and wrong. Culture and environment also play a major role in how a person will deal with ethical dilemmas in his or her life. When a person talks about what ethics means to in his or her life, he or she will use his or her morals to describe their ethics. Most will cite either religious or personal values that they are taught as children because that is when people learn the morals that will shape who they become as adults. Basic morals include not to lie, cheat, or steal. Many will say that killing other humans is wrong. Some say that child abuse is also morally wrong as well. But as a society, are also taught that we need to have respect for others and their property, as well as to obey the laws of our country.We all have responsibilities to serve our families and protect our property.
Many Chief Executive Officers, (CEOs), and other executives have abandoned their personal ethics for the almighty dollar. Their only concern is how much money they can get from their investors and shareholders. The purpose of any business is to make money. Publishers, for example, make money off of the books that they publish and sell. Those profits keep their businesses running. When ethics come into the picture, one could pose the question of whether or not it is ethical for publishers to capitalize and profit off of books written by killers. Organizational and…

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