Importance Of Moral Values

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Moral values are not just motivation based on ideas and actions about right and wrong, but are socially conditioned by the society and culture which people live. Moral values allow individuals to claim their personal actions or events based on conscience and experience on what is good, evil, right, wrong, and how others things that ought to be in our society. They also encourage us to live in integrity, to live merciful, and to live comfortably. Moral values are different from culture to culture and are being widely accepted and challenged by people within their society. Some values refer to how one should act such as—being honest, being unselfish, and self-disciplined. While other values refer to what one wants to accomplish or obtain in life whether it be fame, fortune, family, money, redemption, or world peace. …show more content…
With over 2 billion followers, Christianity has become largest religion in the world which has over 300 hundred denominations as well (>>>). The majority of Christians belong to the Roman Catholic, Protestant or Eastern Orthodox churches (jjje). Protestants believe that you are saved alone through grace, faith, God, scripture, and glory; they also believe that it pleases God when you are dedicated to working because God receives all of the glory and honor. Incorporating and integrating Christian values in the workplace will inspire good working behaviors, collaboration, and individual and group decision making skills. According to Steve Marr’s business proverbs, there are four basic Christian principles employers and employees should follow on a daily basis as

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