Similarities Between Hinduism And Buddhism

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I entered upon the chapter of Buddhism with the foundation that Buddhism derived its beliefs and practices from the Hindu religion. Nevertheless, I am continually fascinated by the two religions’ strikingly identical but contrasting qualities observable throughout The World’s Wisdom text. Section 12 especially delineates many of the similarities Hinduism and Buddhism share. Reaching Nirvana and therefore attaining freedom at last from the cycle of rebirth seems to be an utmost objective for both groups. And that the belief-that whether or not deaths and rebirths take place counts on the karmas one performed during its lifetime-is apparent in both as well. Therefore Hindu and Buddhist congregations can work their way up to reaching enlightenment, which is achieved by attaining correct knowledge and real truth. …show more content…
Section 21 emphasizes suffering as Buddhist core doctrines equate it to birth, ageing, sickness, and every imaginable darkness prevalent throughout people’s lives. And Buddha himself preaches that the one and only key to end suffering was reaching nirvana. From what I remember from the Hindu chapter, Hinduism likewise acknowledges the existence of suffering in human nature. But in addition, Hindus affirm that they can overcome suffering by taking pleasure in reuniting with god (Moksha). And though both groups have nirvana as their ultimate goals in life, the paths they take upon reaching the objective tend to differ. Buddhism sets out the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path in achieving nirvana, when in fact Hinduism says there are a handful of ways individuals can do so. These fundamental differences amid Buddhism and Hinduism still provide me the leeway to doubt the fact that the two had sprung from the same country and that one diverged from the

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