The Ethics Of Animal Experimentation Essay

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The Ethics of Animal Experimentation
The value of research in human life cannot be overstated; through it human beings have been able to virtually conquer the world. It spans many academic disciplines and social spheres. In medicine, research has done its part, but there are questions on the manner in which medical research is done (Gilbert, Kaebnick and Murray). This regards the issue of animal testing, that is, the use of animals in research projects that are meant to benefit humans. It is a practice that has gone on for long, but one that has gained traction recently. It is estimated that about a hundred million animals are subjected to testing every year (Gilbert, Kaebnick and Murray). However, as it gains foothold, so does the debate on whether it is morally right.
It is imperative that one carefully analyses both sides of the animal experimentation debate. From a moral perspective, it is morally wrong to use animals in testing products meant for human beings.

The human desire for furthering knowledge and solving problems that afflict the species has seen them use other species towards achieving their goals. One way which they have pursued their goals is through animal testing. Some believe that it has precipitated a moral crisis while others believe it is the right way towards improving the length, purpose and quality of human life. A good look at the both sides of the argument can help one make an informed decision on whether it should…

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