Essay on The Ethics Case Study On Child 's Psychological Education

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The ethics case study describes a boy in third grade who is acting out in class. The student did not have previous behavior problems in kindergarten or first grade, and the mother reveals that the family is undergoing financial stress that has impacted other aspects of their lives. The school psychologist records information about the family’s situation and incorporated her notes in the child’s psychological education record. In this ethics case study, there are a few problems present. Firstly, there is no mention of the student’s behavior records from second grade. Secondly, the mother indicated that there has been lax parental supervision. Lastly, the school psychologist included private information in the child’s school psychological education record.
The school psychologist will need to inquire about the lack of second grade records. The second grade teacher, principle, school counselor, or another school psychologist may have the behavior records. The records may indicate more details about the child’s behaviors. However, if the records do not exist, the psychologist can still proceed with the evaluation. Furthermore, there are not extensive details given about the mother’s meaning of lax parental supervision. School psychologists are mandated reporters. Therefore, if there is any indication that the child is neglected at home, the school psychologist must report this issue to Child Protective Services.
One ethical issue pertaining to this case is the school…

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