The Ethical Theory Of Medical Research On Animals Essay

1176 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Is it ethical, in a case like this, to conduct medical research on animals, who will presumably suffer and die as a result? Carrying out of medical research on animals has been one of the ways, widely used to find a solution to some diseases, and also to test the effectiveness of drugs before administered it to human being. Many of this medical research has brought a huge success, preventing or limiting the causalities of many diseases such as polio and smallpox. Meanwhile, carrying out medical research on animals has also be a subject of debate, raised ethical concern and generated many ethical questions, such as; do animals has right? do they suffer pains? Furthermore, some philosophers, as well as their school of thought, have individual view on this ethical issue. The Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that based their idea on maximizing the utility. They believed that the best act of human is to maximize happiness or pleasure, and reduce pains. In other word, the amount of happiness that individual desire is supposed to be as high as possible while the amount of pain is expected to be at the lowest. This idea is what utilitarian profess as the value of human. Before someone can claim that he or she has maximized the happiness, one must consider the happiness and pain of other people involve, including nonhuman. Based on this concept, utilitarian profess that the use of animal for medical research or for other means does not justify moral ethics. Because, animal…

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