The Ethical Issues Of Marketing Essay

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Ethical Issues in Marketing Within the field of marketing, marketers are forced to choose between obeying their subconscious or foregoing their morals and set principals. Whether following a proper code of ethics or not, marketers put their career on the line in hopes of advancing the success of a company or product; however, many marketers in today’s industry feel as if there is a greater chance of gaining success if unethical practices are put into place. Due to an increasingly competitive atmosphere within the field of marketing, numerous ethical issues are produced, among them false advertising, stereotyping, and subliminal messaging. Marketers have set aside all morals and have resorted to using false advertisement to deceive customers in hopes of advancing business. False advertising is successfully accomplished through the use of misleading implications, tricky contracts, disrespectful actions, and promise breaking. For example, credit card companies advertise zero percent APR, but after a certain period of time, raise their APR to twenty two percent without properly warning clients. Not only did this credit card company use misleading implications, but also took part in using tricky terms and conditions in the contract. Also, many would agree that the credit card company took part in disrespectful actions and broke a promise with their clients, but the company is protected from lawsuits by the use of their complex contract. The credit card company’s clients are…

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