The Ethical Issues Of Food Matters Essay

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What ethical issues most concern you as a food consumer?

In the 80’s advertisement had everyone asking “Where’s the beef”. The trouble is, no one was asking how the beef is raised, and who was handling the beef. As a matter of fact, most consumers still aren’t taking interest in the ethical issues of food. On the other hand, several authors in the book “Food Matters; A Bedford Spotlight Reader”, not only take an interest in the issues, but bring the matters into light. Peter Singer writes about the inhumane way animals are raised, and how there is no need to eat meat or use animal made products. Sally Kohn tells of the injustice way food workers are treated. And, finally Eliot Coleman writes about how the word organic has changed because companies want to make money by being trendy. The ethical issues that concern me most are how the animals and humans are treated by food producers and if these producers care more about the full production of their company than making money.

As a consumer of meat, I find it very concerning that the rights of animals are being violated. Every day across the world animals are kept in small cages and bred for human consumption. For example, in Food Matters; A Bedford Spotlight Reader, the author Peter Singer says, “The case against using animals for food is at its strongest when animals are made to lead miserable lives so that their flesh can be made available to humans at the lowest possible cost.” (179). In other words, when animals…

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