The Ethical Dilemmas Of Animal Cruelty Laws

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Over 7.6 million animals are abused each year by the people who own them and people who don 't own animals. Whether at home, or on a farm, or the table, animals play a big role in the everyday life of humans. They’re companions, a good source of entertainment and livelihood, but society is faced with legal, economics, and ethical dilemmas about the proper place for each animal. Some people have recognized this and issued a new social movement, one that will be able to protect every animal from most abusive people (“Introduction to Animal Rights”). Animal abuse happens year around and the only way everyone can stop it it stand up together and fight.
Those who abuse these laws will be punished by the law. People who abuse animal rights need to be put in their place, although some don’t follow the law other laws were put into action. In 1966, laws to protect the animal environment were established. Although these laws were established, some still don’t seem to follow them.” Cruelty to any dog is a Class A Misdemeanor and that person will be fined $1000, abuse to both cats and dogs is a Class F Misdemeanor and the person will be fined $5000” (“Animal Cruelty Laws”). While the animals are being abused they try to fight back to protect themselves but it either
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71% of animals die each year from abuse by humans and the other 21% live happy little lifes with owners they love. So far, domestic violence on animals is the most used form of animal abuse. Over 2.7 million animals are domestically abused each year by their owners or people who don’t even own them. Even farm animals have problems with their owners as well, 56 billion farm animals die each year for food for humans or other animals. This is why many want animal abuse to stop, it hurts a lot of people to see animals get hurt by the ones they thought they

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