The Ethical Decision Making Model Essay

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Attend to Your Emotions It is during this part of the ethical decision making model that Carmen needs to consider the emotions she is experiencing as she contemplates the situation. Specifically, Carmen is experiencing conflicting emotions, which are leading to her ethical dilemma. On one hand Carmen understands that the problems which are occurring at the ACC are unethical and illegal; but on the other hand she is uncertain and confused by these problems. For Carmen to understand that she needs to take time to “carefully consider” the situation is important, because she will not be as likely to make decisions that are impulsive or emotional. This will ultimately set her up for greater success in the remaining sections of the model, for she will be able to be more objective.
Involve the Client in Decision Making Process Normally, this should occur throughout the process of resolving the dilemma, to the extent possible. This step in the ethical decision making model does not technically apply to Carmen’s situation because there is not one particular client in which Carmen could involve. Although, it could be seen that Dr. Wilson or the agency is the client in this scenario. If Carmen looked at the situation from this perspective, it may be necessary for her to go straight to Dr. Wilson with the concerns she has about the billing and confidentiality issues at ACC. Although, because there are legal issues involved, Carmen may or may not be able to do this, depending on what…

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