The Ethical Challenges Of The Field Of Social Work Essays

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The population that I am interested in working with is transgender and gender diverse adolescents, youth and their families. I would like to work in either the health care field or an educational setting. I decided that I would like to focus my interest on working with this population when I discovered that there was a great need for skilled practitioners in this area of the field of social work (Watts, 2015). In addition to practice work, I would like to assist with advocacy efforts for all Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQQ) individuals.
When preparing for a career working with the transgender adolescent population, I can conceptualize several areas of social work where potential ethical challenges could arise. Some of these challenges may emerge in the areas of confidentiality and privacy, informed consent, documentation, self-determination, social justice, parental rights to records, non-traditional treatment, and adolescent suicide risk. The three ethical challenges that I have chosen to focus on in this paper are self-determination, informed consent and parental rights. At this time, I would like to note that as part of my research, I discovered that there are a limited amount of evidence based, scholarly sources regarding ethics and the transgender population. This discovery was confirmed by Bernal and Coolhart in their discussion of ethical considerations for transgender youth (2012, p. 287).
The first area of practice that I…

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