The Epidemic Of West Virginia Essay

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Within the past ten years drug abuse has risen in the United States. According to How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples across America in 2014 drug abuse peaked with about 47,055 overdoses that lead to death (Park and Bloch). Drug overdoses are becoming more common in rural areas rather than big cities (Park and Bloch). Rural areas such as West Virginia and in Appalachia have reported more overdoses because of injuries in the workplace (Park and Bloch). During the 1990’s there was a social movement that said “It was unacceptable for patients to have chronic pain (Park and Bloch)”. Therefore doctors pushed opioids and other painkillers onto their patients which in hindsight usually leads to continuous addiction to pain killers (Park and Bloch). West Virginia officials also stated that “Chances of getting treatment in West Virginia is ridiculously small (Park and Bloch)”, which is probably why West Virginia has the highest overdose rate in the nation. In New Hampshire alone 326 people died in 2014 from an overdose of drugs that included heroin and fentanyl (Park and Bloch). Fentanyl is a type of painkiller that was found to be one hundred times as strong as morphine (Park and Bloch). Just alone opioid overdoses were more than 61% of the cause of death nationally (Park and Bloch). Another state of high overdoses is New Mexico. According to the article, “Heroin addiction has been passed down from generation to generation in small cities around New Mexico (Park and…

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