The Epidemic Of Ebola Virus Essay

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The Ebola virus so far was only found in Sierra Lone, Liberia, Senegal, Ghana, and Nigeria, but now slowly it has started spreading in other parts of the world. The Ebola virus has symptoms that are similar to the flu, but then they dramatically increase. Some people think that the Ebola virus could be the next plague. Though, scientists disagree that the virus will be that terrible. The Ebola virus is the biggest problem in the world because it has so far no vaccination, it has a social impact, and an economic impact on people. So far there has been no official vaccination for the Ebola virus. A company from San Diego is trying to make a vaccination. But, the vaccination has only forty percent chance of working. So, there is a less than fifty percent chance that the vaccine will even work. But, this company is hopeful that by the end of 2015 that the vaccine will be ready. There have been five American Citizens that have worked in West Africa, and somehow they obtained the virus and were sent to a hospital in Georgia. But the vaccine only worked on three of the patients. The current vaccine does not meet the current Food Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regulations. Since there is no cure, the rate of mortality has gone up. The rate of mortality is seventy percent for an individual. That means that if you contract the virus then you have a seventy percent chance of not surviving the virus. About forty six…

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