The Entrepreneurship and Small Business : Muji Case Study Essay

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The entrepreneurship and small business: MUJI case study
In the global business, most of popular brands have been the entrepreneurship before they success. A number of individuals, who want to invest in some business, must have the investment budget or good financial status. However, the money is not the basic factor to invest the business yet the opportunities to initiate the business are more important than investment from shareholders. For example, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, who is the founder of Facebook, was discovered the chance to create website which can share the activities and connect with friend and become the greatest social network in the world. (Phillips, 2007)
“They are seen as risk-takers and innovators who
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While the entrepreneur competence is the capability to realises the chances of business and also controls the basic raw material or resources of opportunity to take a competitive advantages. Moreover, Byers (2011) has defined the another factor of capital is the entrepreneur commitment, is a promise to take the firm to launch and successful through utilised the time and energy with properly situation.
Innovative and creative destruction
The innovation ideas are significant part to constructs the business opportunities and allows individual to launch a new product. The essential factor to create the innovation is the creative destruction process which Schumpter(1950, p.83) described that distinguish innovation as “an industrial mutation” it continually annihilating the superseded belief and also continually generated new idea. Moreover, Foster and Kaplan (2001) supported that the long term successful of entrepreneurship would becomes from increasing capability and performance of innovation process through obliterates the obsolete idea. In the gradually develop world, individual must choose the opportunity which should adoption form the unchanged idea and would open in the new industry. (Byers, 2011) The new innovation which never launch before can take the competitive advantages and in the lowest price of product also obtain these advantages from rivalry.
The business model

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