The Enneagram Made Easy By Renee Barton And Elizabeth Wagele Essay

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Personality Profiling
The study of personality types and generalization is known as an enneagram. The connection and description of these nine known types of personalities are found in the book The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Barton and Elizabeth Wagele. Throughout this book I came to understand all personalities as well as determine my own. I tested highest and relate closest to the sevens personality group making me, an adventurer.
I am an adventurer, I avoid unpleasant feelings such as worry and fear. I am hardly ever sitting alone bored. If I am found alone I am more than likely focused or sleeping. My personality is very outgoing and social. I find no difficulty in talking to other people or giving them any help or advice I can offer. I am a very positive person and generally love to share that with others. My bluntness and opinionated personality can often get me into trouble but that never stops me from speaking my mind. My versatility in skill and interest can come in handy but it also makes it difficult for me to make decisions. I worked four jobs every summer for the past three years because I am so interested in so many things but I hate being at work because there are so many other things I would rather be doing. I am known for starting projects and never finishing them because I get bored or sidetracked and start something else.
Unlike a seven described in the book I am very committed to relationships. I have very strong relationships with those around me. I…

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