The Enlightenment Cultural Matrix Picture Essay

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The Enlightenment cultural matrix picture that I decide to analyze and write about is David. David was well known for defeating Goliath in battle; he only used a rock and slingshot to bring the giant down. Gian Lorenzo Bernini sculpted the statue of David somewhere around 1623 and 1624. The sculpture was marvelously done in exceptional detail, so life like, you actually would think the statue is going to reach out and touch you. I have personally seen some of Bernini’s work and believe it is remarkable to observe. David possessed the knowledge and love of God to help him defeat Goliath, who had strength and power.
The main values I am focusing on are knowledge and strength. The reason for choosing these particular words is; David used his knowledge and his know how that God gave him to defeat Goliath and a mighty man known for his powerful strength. The artwork that I chose to write about is from the Baroque style. Baroque style was an encouragement of the Catholic Church and was due to the Protestant Reformation. The artwork has a religious theme that is direct with an emotional involvement.
The relationship between knowledge and strength is a Conflicting Relationship. I believe that knowledge has the upper hand over strength, because you do have to use your knowledge to get you out of a dangerous situation. Then again, some may argue and say that strength can have the upper hand over knowledge. What if you are in a situation where someone has you pinned down…

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