Essay about The English Language

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The English language withholds an array of fascinating and enchanting words filled with meaning. Talk about the dictionary and its powers- what a resource it is)The different words that interested me which I looked up in the dictionary are ablution, abort, change and gay. All of these words aroused my interest due to specific situations. I have accounted those with the explanation of the words.
Ablution. Ablucione. Ablucioun. One word, many forms, many meanings. The English language possesses the power to take a root word and launch it to many different levels. What is Ablution? Ablution is the act of cleansing one self. It appeared to have originated in the 13th century where it was used by the Christians for baptism or religious purification. It was also used by the Jewish and then the Muslims. It also started to be used for general washings and purification which was in non-religious context probably later in 1732. In 1680 it started to be used as a ceremonial washing of the chalice and paten, wine used to wash the fingers of the celebrant after the Eucharist. This word was originally used to represent the purification of oils and other substances by a process of emulsification with hot water, the water being drained off after the two immiscible liquids have been allowed to separate .In later use more widely: the thorough washing or rinsing of a precipitate or other insoluble substance with water or another solvent. The different forms that have been used are ablucione,…

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