The Engineering Of The University Of Birmingham Essay

1828 Words May 5th, 2015 null Page
A large institution that leads women to not be involved in engineering is that of the education system as a whole. First off, at the engineering department faculty level, female faculty are extremely underrepresented. The ratio of male to female professors and lecturers is one of the lowest compared to other departments. Even at top engineering schools such as Oxford University, which is ranked as the number seven engineering school in the world, there are only seven female members in the department as within its ninety-one person faculty (Wynne). Of University of Nottingham’s thirty-seven person civil engineering faulty only two are women (Wynne). There are also only two women among the staff at the University of Birmingham, which has a twenty-nine person staff in the engineering department (Wynne). All of these institutions are internationally ranked engineering schools. As seen, even top engineering schools fall guilty to having a wide gender gap amongst faculty members. If top engineering schools are trying to portray that they are prime examples of the engineering world, an underrepresentation of women should not be a problem. This is absence of female faculty is “typical of the previous generations” (Senger) and should have been rid of by now. This is possibly caused by women in the engineering departments feeling as if they are not welcome to be a part of the department and therefore leaving their departmental jobs, which, looking at the numbers, seems to be a trend…

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