The Energy System Of The Body Essays

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“When you think that you can’t make a difference, remember that one raindrop raises the ocean.” – Author Unknown At first, I took this class because it knocked off one of the requirements for a degree; however, as the term continued, I grew to love it. It was one of those classes that you didn’t want to miss a class. I already had a plan to better myself not only mentally but physically as well; this class really helped motivate me to modify my diet and exercise. This past couple of months have been the most motivated I have been in years. And while I have not been losing weight, I have been losing body fat. This term has also been the time where my perspective has changed from trying to lose weight to try to lost excess body fat. Learning about the three energy systems of the body (oxidative energy system, ATP-CP energy system, and glycolytic energy system) and understanding how each of them function allows me to use them to my advantage. The primary energy sources for the oxidative energy system are lipids and glucose; the primary energy source for the ATP-CP energy system is ATP; the primary energy sources for the glycolytic energy system are glucose and glycogen. Whether I decide to do high intensity or low intensity training, I make sure that I eat the appropriate foods to supply energy to the specific energy system. By doing this, I can work out longer and not feel as tired as fast. Flexibility is one topic that I have heard mixed discussions about: stretch…

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