The Energy Sources Of Fossil Fuels Essay

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1. Introduction
Fossil fuels are used to satisfy a very significant fraction of the world energy demands. The use of fossil fuels comes with some adverse effects, prominent among which is the emission of CO2. Carbon dioxide significantly contributes to global warming and, consequently, causes climate change. This has called for international policies like the Kyoto protocol and Copenhagen summit that set limit on greenhouse gases (GHG) emission [1]. Renewable energy sources are carbon neutral and can present a favourable condition by reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Unfortunately, they are not yet in abundant supply to meet man’s demand. Much research and work are still needed to make them available in ample quantity to cater for our energy demands. Fossil fuels are, therefore, likely to remain as mankind major energy sources at least for the near future [2]. Carbon capture technologies are needed to enable the continuing usage of fossil fuels, yet decreasing the CO2 emitted to the atmosphere, and thereby mitigating climate changes. Many methods have been proposed for carbon capture both numerically and experimentally [3]. Oxy-fuel combustion, which involves combustion with only oxygen, resulting in exhaust gas that comprises CO2 of high concentration and H2O is a very promising technique compare to other carbon capture means. Oxy-fuel combustion is a very important study area because almost all clean energy technologies require O2 as their feed gas [4] and they are…

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