The Energy Of Thermal Energy Essay example

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In physics, energy is usually described as the ability of a system to perform work. However, this definition is often challenged because of the many different forms energy can hold. There have been definitions derived which are more suitable to certain contexts. Thermal energy is a more specific energy explored in this investigation process. Thermal energy is one of the types of energy which can be defined by ‘the ability to perform work’. It is the sum of the kinetic and potential energy possessed by an object due to the movement of particles within the object or the system (Simmons, 2014). The thermal energy contained within an object increases as it is heated, this also causes the temperature to increase.
The average amount of thermal energy contained by molecules in a substance is known as the temperature of the substance. Temperature is the measurement of the average kinetic energy a substance or object contains. It is directly related to the velocity of the molecules in the substance. There are three ways to measure temperature: Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit; however kelvin and Celsius are most commonly used (Kurtus, 2014).
The process of heating is the transfer of energy between two materials where there is a temperature or gradient pressure difference (Nahle, 2009). Due to the Law of Conservation of Energy, the energy that is lost by one object has to be gained by others. Hence the formula:
Where Qout is the energy released by the hotter object and…

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