The Ending The Cycle Of Bullying Essay

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Ending the Cycle of Bullying Bullying is an extremely harmful act in schools around the country as well as online and with cellphones. Not only does bullying ruin a child’s self-esteem, but it can also turn into a life threatening situation. If the pain from being bullied isn’t dealt with it can lead to bullycides as well as school shootings depending on if the victim implodes or explodes as a last resort. What can be done to end bullying? There are many proposed solutions including prevention of bullying at a school level with parent and teacher training and involvement as well as creating a national law to coincide with the states legislation and policies. Bullying can be ended with education, increased awareness, training and involvement from schools and families as well as strict anti-bullying legislation passed nation-wide. Bullying has been around for many decades, but with cyberbullying the pain caused is intensified with the victim receiving no relief from the bully. With cyberbullying, peers are using social media as well as cell phones to inflict pain on their victims, most of the time not having to be held responsible for their actions. Barbara Coloroso, a former teacher and author of The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander, wrote in her book that there are reports of cyberbullying among peers as early as age 5! Cyberbullying speeds up the spiral of depression and academic failure with the children turning all their focus to being bullied and avoiding…

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