The Ending, Alternatives And Harmful By Overly Encouraging The Participates

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The ending, "alternatives to divorce" was biased and harmful by overly encouraging the participates to stay in the marriage. Such statistics as "50%" or "40% or "more than 50%" aren 't shocking significant because a marriage is made of two people, 50% is one of two people.
“40% have regrets about going through with their divorce.” That means 60% didn’t.
“Over 50% of divorced people wish they would have tried harder to save their marriage.” So 41-49% believe they did everything they could to save their marriage.
“2/3 of people (~ 66.66%) currently getting divorced think it could have been prevented if they had worked hard. A little more than one person in the relationship thought this.
“A surprising number of people currently in the divorce process are open to reconciliation.” What number would I find surprising? 10%? 20%, 80%? I’d be surprised at 80%. If that’s it, just say 80% because anything less than a number significantly greater than one person (over 50%) means the one partner has a difference of opinion on this matter.
I wouldn 't be taking this course if I wasn 't sure this was the best option for me and therefore, the best option for my child. If I am miserable in my marriage, it’s hard not to be miserable in front of my child. "Children do best when parents stay together in a 'good enough ' marriage" is an awful thing to say to a person at this stage. “A marriage doesn’t have to be highly happy for child to benefit.” But to live slightly miserable and…

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