The End Of The College Essay

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In “The End of the College Essay” article, Rebecca Schuman, who’s an English professor, discusses her opinion and overall feeling on the benefits of removing the essay from the college level. She mentions the issues of plagiarism and a lack of effort in a sense and how they have become so common. Schuman expresses that instead of assigning essays or papers, that it should be reverted back to exams that are taken in written form as well as orally. Her attitude throughout the entire article gives off the impression that writing an essay may be too hard for college students to do effectively. With my share of writing papers or essays, some of her points may be true to some extent, but the way she has it come across is very poor. It feels like Schuman is talking down to all college students when she has only had a select few through the course of her teaching, saying that assigning an essay or paper isn’t worth it anymore. The reason that students find it hard to write an essay could be a number of different reasons. Learning how to write an effective paper is the biggest tool that will probably be used in that student’s future or career. An exam will always lack something that a well put essay never will be missing. I think that Schuman is judging to quickly when it comes to plagiarism. It may be common, but there could a reasonable excuse why it’s happening so much. Her opinion is supported by a statistic reported saying that out of 16,000 students, 66 percent of them…

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