The Employment Rights Act Of Barbados And The United Nations Entity For Gender Equality And Empowerment Of Women

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This section of the paper will focus on comparing what constitutes a contract of employment in both the Jurisdiction of Barbados and the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) Caribbean office located in Barbados. It will also compare entitlements (if any) as well as termination of the contract of employment.

Under the Employment Rights Act, 2012 of Barbados, the First Schedule consists of the factors to be considered in order to determine the existence of a contract of employment. It states:

In determining whether a contract of employment exists, consideration shall be given to whether
(a) There is an obligation on the part of the employee to give personal and exclusive service;
(b) The work is done according to the instructions of the employer, and the manner in which the work is carried out is subject to the control and direction of the employer;
(c) The work has continuity, and such continuity creates for the employee an economic dependence upon the employer, without there being any financial risk to the employee;
(d) The work is carried out within fixed hours or at a workplace or workplaces specified or agreed by the employer;
(e) The work involves the integration of the employee in the organization of the business, including his subjection to its policies;
(f) The employee is subject to the procedures of the business for addressing grievances and disciplinary matters;
(g) The employee is in receipt of periodic remuneration…

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