The Elementary School Is Public And The Educational System Essay

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The elementary school I went to was public and the educational system was from kindergarten to sixth grade. From here, I met some of my, not necessarily closest, but long lasted friends. Three of whom I am quite close to today were of these three girls: Ariel, Jenny and Kimberly. I met these folks at different times. I met Ariel and Jenny in first grade. My mom and their moms met while picking us kids up. From then on, we were introduced to each other. Then drama took place. After second grade, Ariel and Jenny took a gate exam and passed. They both transferred to a more prestigious school called Rhodes Elementary School. From then on I felt what I felt back when I received glasses: loneliness. They never told me they were taking this exam and they just left me together. In a way, I felt our friendship was betrayed. However, this did not stop our friendship from continuing. As for Kimberly, I met her back in third grade. We got along really well and were called the Bobbsey twins. I was surprised to how that was. Somehow, the four of us got together and I called us the “four musketeers.” We had a love-hate relationship for each other. Ariel was practically the leader of the group. I am not sure how, but her personality is very firm. If there is something she wants, she will get it. I am not sure if I was hated by her, but she always somehow made me feel like trash. Jenny and Kimberly were more on the soft side, but they followed Ariel in everything she…

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