The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

1088 Words Feb 9th, 2016 null Page
Who do you think decides the next President of the United States? Most people would probably say the their votes. The correct answer is the Electoral College. People deserve to have their votes matter, so the Electoral College should be abolished to allow the American people the full ability to be able to pick their leader under Democracy. The Electoral College was created by our founding fathers as a part of “The Great Compromise”. There were two parts to this. First there would have to be two separate houses of congress, One based off of population, and the other “upper “ house would have equal representation.The second part of “The Great Compromise was that “ president would be chosen by electors equal in number to the members of Congress.”(5) Thus the Electoral College was created to add “checks and balances”(5) to the election process. The founding fathers did not want congress to just be able to choose who the next president would be. They also realized that there would be a problem if they just let the people vote and decide who they wanted for president due to the fact that a majority of the population was uneducated. Another problem with the people choosing was that most people had no source of information of the candidates, so they had no idea what they stood for on certain topics. It would also prevent candidates from trying to “entice votes by bribing or using other means to get votes.” (5) As a legal resident of the United States of legal age you are…

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