The Electoral College Is An Embarrassment Of America 's Democracy

1252 Words Jul 8th, 2016 6 Pages
In the American democracy the Electoral College is provided to assist the nation to formally chose the president and vice president. The Electoral College has been around for long, which was first devised in 1789 by the framers of the Constitution; snice then it has undergone numerous changes but still does what it was originally created to do. This system is frowned upon by many citizens, for it undermines the value of Americans voices and their beliefs. “The Electoral College is an embarrassment to America’s democracy”, and to a point is a disappointment. The Electoral College is a system that contradicts that the people are the voices of the nation and should no longer be in effect for future elections. The United States is a nation that has a smooth, shiny exterior but in truth is deeply flawed in the many ways. The Electoral College is an example of what revokes what the Citizens of the United States of actually want. Whenever a person votes they are voting for their personal reasons: what they want in a leader, what the leader promises to do for them, and whether that leader has the same beliefs as that individual. Although in the Electoral College the people who represent the states do not reflect the diversity of the people and what they personally may need. This system clearly contradicts the guidelines of America’s beliefs of “the people are the voice of the nation”, and we have the ability to change what we do not agree with. For our nation to be stronger we…

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