The Election Of The Electoral College Essay examples

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“One man, one vote”, a phrase and a principle that is the foundation of any great democracy. The U.S has adopted this principle in the form of universal suffrage for all of it citizens and symbolizes the country’s unity and equality. However, every four years in the month of November in the presidential election when one individual is chosen to lead the nation, one would expect for the winner of the election to be the will of the people, but unfortunately that’s not the case. In the most important election in the entire country, a separate institution, the Electoral College, makes the final vote on who will become president. Although intended to be a reflection of the popular vote, the methodology in which it is practice is flawed and leaves plenty room for error. Similar to a direct election, the Electoral College still requires a popular vote; however, instead of stopping there, adds several steps that only give misleading results. The Electoral College is a recipe for disaster that does nothing to promote democracy nor equality in voting.
Ever since the early history of the United States, the Electoral College has been the means of electing the president. So one might ask why get rid of it now? After all some say “it works- most of the time without a hitch” yet we still had the problems such as in the 2000 election where 3 counties demanded recounts (Jost 2000). Other supporters of the Electoral College argue that it allows “balance federalism”, and is even credited for…

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