The Election Of The Electoral College System Essay

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In its 200 year history; there have been a great deal of critics against and recommended developments for the Electoral College system; however most of them petition to abolish it. Yet, there are a lot of devoted supporters in favor of the Electoral College system. These enthusiasts are perhaps less voiced than its critics; although, they do offer some very influential points of view in its favor. However, the critics consider that the president should be carefully chosen by a popular vote. On the other hand, some supporters argue that the Electoral College system is indeed a fair way to conduct the presidential election, mostly because of the different sizes of the states.
Just about everyone in United States, thanks to the presidential election chaos of 2000 are aware that the Constitution proclaims that the president will be thoughtfully chosen by an Electoral College system, not by direct popular vote. Only 538 people, representing the slates of electors who were nominated by voters in the fifty states and the District of Columbia, in truth, vote directly for president. The candidate who receives the majority of the votes from the electors will become the president. In the occurrence that no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes, the verdict will fall under the 12th Amendment, to the House of Representatives. Yet the vital question remains to be; “Is the Electoral College system a way for the Government to control the way political figures are decided, or…

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