The Election Of The 2016 Election Essay

1505 Words Oct 21st, 2016 7 Pages
The 2016 election has definitely been one of the most talked about political events among the younger and older generations. This election has brought rivalry and protest among many individuals. Hillary Clinton is the candidate representing the Democratic party, while Donald Trump is the candidate representing the Republican party. Many voters are very attentive to following this presidential campaign and making sure that with their vote the right president is chosen. The two candidates have very different point of views among what they believe will make the United States of America still the best country in the world; they have very unique political views and standards. Immigration has been the most talked about topics in this presidential campaign in regards to border control, deportation and pathway to citizenship, however, let’s not diminish the economic factors dealing with illegal immigration. Clinton and Trump have been very outspoken to express their views on this social issue which has been riling up many U.S citizens and many residents of the entire nation. Before moving on into more complex ideas and political views among these two candidates I want to provide a brief political background of our two candidates who are on their way to become our 45th president. Moreover, Hillary Clinton has been in politics for quite some time. Besides being the First lady of the United States in 1993-2001 when Bill Clinton was in office, she has also held political positions.…

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