Essay on The Election Of 2016 2014

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The elections of 2016, taking place in just about a month from now, are monumental for the hundreds of millions of people who consider themselves American citizens. A new president will be inaugurated and take office in January of the new year for the first time since 2009, and both major political parties will be vying for crucial seats in the United States Senate. Both races have been brewing for quite some time, but it has become evident who the options for each seat have become. Obviously, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President, countering the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Also, 34 states—one seat out of two per state—have elections for seats in the Senate. Currently, the Republicans hold a majority in Congress, but the Democrats can start to change the tide of the current American political landscape with major victories in both races. What else is there to say about the 2016 Presidential race, though? Honestly? Hasn’t everyone said everything we need to know about, for many citizens’ worth, the craziest race for the highest office in our nation’s history? A former First Lady and Secretary of State cannot pull away from a business icon and reality TV star. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump have recently been going back and forth in national polls: Trump leads two of three major national polls as of Thursday ( Trump came out of a cluster of legitimate GOP candidates without a shred of…

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