Midterm Election Race

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Analysis of a Midterm Election Race
A midterm election is a type of general election in which the representatives of the people are elected in the middle of the main term. In the United States, midterm elections are held two years after the quadrennial presidential elections. This paper is based on the analysis of the 2014 Louisiana Senate race. This is one of the most competitive and important races in this year’s midterm elections.
The 2014 Louisiana Senate Race
Like other states, Louisiana will elect its representative in the US Senate during the midterm elections that are scheduled to take place in November 4, 2014. Louisiana’s midterm elections are normally based on the jungle primary variation of the open primary system.
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To begin with, political analysts have shown that the race in question is not about policy issues. It is rather about the performance of President Obama. The president has lost popularity in the state mainly due to his Affordable Care Act. Most residents of Louisiana do not support the act. They believe that it does not reduce the cost of health care and that it increases taxes. The opponents of Landrieu label her a rubber stamp of Obama (Deslatte, 2014 b). According to them, the incumbent is only promoting then interests of the president in Louisiana rather than promoting the interests of the people of the state. These allegations are likely to cost …show more content…
Louisiana is known to have supported the Democratic Party for many decades. The large black population of the state identifies with the party (Stolberg, 2014). Most of the residents of New Orleans, the largest city of the state, also support the part. Given the huge support that the Democratic Party has enjoyed in the state for many years, Landrieu is likely to carry the day. The Democratic Party is only popular in Baton Rouge and other areas with small populations. That is why Cassidy is likely to lose.
Each of the two main candidates in the Louisiana Senate race has presented a number of policy issues to the voters For instance, Landrieu claims that she will improve the energy system of Louisiana and build a middle class in the state (Herbert, 2014). Cassidy has prioritized the creation of jobs, improvement of the education system, and coastal restoration (Herbert, 2014). Although policy issue voting influence voting decisions, this may not be the case in Louisiana. This is due to the fact that each candidate’s policies are important.

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