Midterm Election Race Analysis

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Analysis of a Midterm Election Race
A midterm election is a type of general election in which the representatives of the people are elected in the middle of the main term. In the United States, midterm elections are held two years after the quadrennial presidential elections. This paper is based on the analysis of the 2014 Louisiana Senate race. This is one of the most competitive and important races in this year’s midterm elections.
The 2014 Louisiana Senate Race
Like other states, Louisiana will elect its representative in the US Senate during the midterm elections that are scheduled to take place in November 4, 2014. Louisiana’s midterm elections are normally based on the jungle primary variation of the open primary system.
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The Democratic Party has Mary Landrieu, Wayne Ables, William Waymire, and Vallian Senegal. The Republican Party has Thomas Clements, Rob Maness, and Bill Cassidy. The Libertarian Party has Brannon McMorris. The opinion polls show that the real race of the Louisiana Senate seat is between Mary Landrieu, the incumbent, and Bill Cassidy, a U.S. Representative. Whereas some political analysts have predicted that the incumbent is likely to lose due to her support of Obama’s Affordable Care Act, other have shown that she will carry the day due to her good performance record. A run-off is also expected since it seems that there will be no candidate who will earn more than 50% of the …show more content…
midterm elections. American voters seem to have a psychological attachment to specific parties (Maisel, 2011). Such a case is common among the supporters of the two dominant political parties: Democratic Party and Republican Party. This kind of loyalty helps to determine their voting decisions. Since the midterm elections are less visible than the presidential elections, most American voters tend to base their voting decisions on party identification. They normally vote in those candidates who stand to be elected using the tickets of the parties they

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