The Eight Goals Of My Education Essay example

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Upon completion of a K-12 education graduates should be expected to have acquired the fundamental skills and knowledge that will allow them to lead successful and fulfilling lives. There are eight key skills and content areas that I prepose all graduates should be expected to be comfortable with and excel to some degree in. Some of these areas are far more concrete than others, but each one is important to ensuring that graduates are prepared for the road that lay ahead of them. The eight goals of my education plan are that graduates will:
Be fluent in a second language and proficient/advanced in a third.
Be critical writing and verbal presentation/communication skills.
Be able to think, read, and write in a critical and engaged way.
Be Mathematically and Scientifically literate.
Be physically fit and have formed habits/have the tools to pursue lifelong health.
Be engaged and active citizens in the wider community at the local, state, and federal levels. And have an understanding of the workings of their government.
Be ready to pursue a lifetime of learning and discovery. To achieve each of these goals schools will need to be reorganized and existing programs may need to be cut. Like the late philosopher and educational theorist Mortimer Alder of the University of Chicago I believe that most electives should be eliminated. This will accomplish two important goals. The removal of electives ensures that all students receive the same fundamental education, and the removal of…

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