Essay on The Effects Of Windows On The Health Of Carious Patients

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Windowless rooms have been seen to cause a negative effect on the health of carious patients. In this regards, various studies have shown that lack of widows in intensive care units increases the levels of depression and anxiety as compared to facilities wind a windows provision (Keep et al., 1980). In addition, the lack of windows has been observed to increase the rates of sensory deprivation due to the repetitive sound of respirators. Additionally, the presence of windows help in reducing the stress levels of employee staff thus resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction among the employees. In addition, the natural views of nature from the windows were observed to increase patient relaxation revels and hence an improvement of the health outcomes in those facilities (Leather, 1997).
Sunny rooms
It has been observed that rooms facing the source of sunlight improve patient health as compared to rooms facing cloudy regions. The studies were performed in a Canadian hospital by (Beauchemin & Hays 1998) in a Canadian hospital that experienced long hours of cloudy weather against short hours of sunshine. In the investigation, the researchers established that patients that were hospitalized with severe depression showed higher satisfaction levels when exposed to a sunny whether compared to patients that were overlooking cloudy weather conditions. In a later study, the researchers established that patients that were assigned to sunny rooms showed lower rates of…

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