The Effects Of Westerly On The Workplace Essay

748 Words Nov 14th, 2016 3 Pages
According to this case statues that Westerly was a person with a higher work efficiency and stronger profession ability, and she had interested in her job. So she did not give up her proposal when she faced first failed, in order to avoid fail in her next proposal I think she need to follow this steps to get successful.

Trying to use more modest and humble communication style to talk with others or send email to her colleagues. I felt a little angry when I read her email, I think her tone was very tough and much like a command, I do not think this tone should be used in work’s communication. Alan Jay Zaremba (2010) (p5) statues that communication is necessary for nearly all forms of organization activity and therefore necessary for organizational success. I think this “communication” is successful communication. Westerly use a little impolite tone to send email to field sales force, that is one of the reasons made she first proposal failed. Because her impolite tone made other colleague felt unhappy, her colleague did not reply her email or someone used same impolite tone to reply Westerly. Westerly and her colleague did not had communication with each other when she first time send email, so both of them are not got a successful effective communication. In order to communication with each other easily, I think Westerly need to change her communication style and fix the relationship with her colleagues to get a successful communication, then to obtain her next successful…

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