Essay on The Effects Of Virtual Team On Team Productivity

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their opinions. However, other cultures are indirect with communication to avoid conflict. They report that these cultures may instead use indirect techniques such as written communication, and rituals. Furthermore, an individual’s culture may effect their motivation within virtual teams to seek and give out personal information (as cited in Bergiel, Bergiel, & Balsmeier, 2008). According to Shepherd (2008), differences in languages and behavioral patterns originating from cultural factors can create misunderstanding within a virtual team (as cited in Barnwell et al., 2014; Kayworth & Leidner, 2001). Again, because virtual team members can come from all over the world, it is possible for members to speak different languages (Dube, &Pare, 2001). This, for obvious reasons, can be challenging and can have an affect on team productivity. Because members speak different languages, information and ideas can get lost in the exchange process (Dube, &Pare, 2001). Dube and Pare (2001) suggest as a way to address this challenge that virtual teams have structured communication meetings frequently. Additionally, they suggest recording the minutes after each meeting as a safeguard to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Furthermore, because technology is used often in virtual teams they recommend using tools such as translators and spell check. Even personal communication is an essential part of virtual team success. According to Hertel et al. (2005), non-job related…

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