The Effects Of Violent Video Games And Violence On Children Behavior

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To begin with, the study being addressed, is whether or not violent video games or violence on the television impact children behavior. Parents, teachers, and professionals have been wanting to understand the impact television programs, particularly on children. Research by psychologist starting in 1980 found that children who watched many hours of violent shows when they were in elementary school showed higher levels of aggressive behavior when they became older. Also, research has shown that playing violent video games can increase a person’s aggressive thoughts and feelings.
In Dr. Phil article on Children and Violent Video Games, he cited information from the American Psychological Association. For example, he starts off the article by stating, “According to the American Psychological Association, violent video games can increase children’s aggression.” Dr. Phil article talks about how violent games affect the children’s behavior and attitude. On the other hand, majority of the article talks about
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This was compared with other social risks. The dependent variable is violence and violent behaviors. These behaviors were measured by three indicators: hit someone with intentions of hurting them, taking a weapon to school or a school event, and carrying a gun when not in school. The criterion variable is a dichotomous indicator. This reported whether the student played “mature” rated video games in the past two years. The independent variable measured the nature of the social environment in which the child finds themselves. In this study, all analyses and calculations were reported separately for genders. There is an importance between the gender of an individual and the violent media. For example, 79% of males played mature rated games and only 33% of females did the same. This study finds that the research may be exaggerated based on the correlation

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