Video Games And Violence Essay

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To begin with, the study being addressed, is whether or not violent video games or violence on the television impact children behavior. Parents, teachers, and professionals have been wanting to understand the impact television programs, particularly on children. Research by psychologist starting in 1980 found that children who watched many hours of violent shows when they were in elementary school showed higher levels of aggressive behavior when they became older. Also, research has shown that playing violent video games can increase a person’s aggressive thoughts and feelings.
In Dr. Phil article on Children and Violent Video Games, he cited information from the American Psychological Association. For example, he starts off the article by
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Phil article is based on information that can be given to parents to help them monitor their children playing video games. On the other hand, the empirical study uses research and experiment to understand the connection between violent video games and violence in children that play them. Dr. Phil uses information form the American Psychological Association and the empirical study is based on research and the American Psychological Association. However, in the empirical study, playing video games and being violent is weak. Firstly, the data are not longitudinal, meaning they don’t prove time-order. Secondly, some selection bias may remain in this study. Thirdly, the data were limited to the eighth grade, which it can manifest later in life. Additionally, another limitation is that the inability in the data to determine the amount of time individuals spend playing violent video games. In conclusion, there was a huge difference between popular psychology and empirical psychology. It’s clear that empirical study is based on more research and experimental basis. On the other hand, popular psychology discusses the problem and bring forth ideas to maybe help the problem. Therefore, empirical studies are better sources of information and should be used while conducting

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