Essay on Media Violence And Real Violence

795 Words Aug 31st, 2015 4 Pages
The issue of whether media violence can result in real violence has been a topic of heated debate. The increasing release of violent films and games and the raising reports of violent crimes force people to face the problem. It is an significant issue because it concerns not only criminal rate, but also adolescent education. Various demonstrations have been put forward with respect to this issue. It is the contention of this essay that there is no essential connection between media violence and real violence by focusing on three main points. Firstly, media violence can benefit people from helping them to manage the pain. Besides, the effect of aggression caused by violent media is finite and only few people will imitate what shows in media.

Firstly, a major concern in this debate is the similarity of fictional violence and real violence. It has been argued that media violence may produce mental problems. It is further claimed that violent media with strong similarity and interactivity, including violent videos and violent games, is likely to reduce the gap between reality and fantasy (Barclay 2014, p. 2). The human-like characters, according to this argument, may confuse audience and players with real people, which can lead to real violence. Nevertheless, Kirsch (cited 2010, Warburton & Braunstein, p. 57) illustrates that a variety of media can be helpful to relax children from medical treatment. In fact, if young patients are distracted, they will endure less pain and…

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