The Effects Of Video Games On Children 's Behavior Essay

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Video games sometimes receive bad publicity, and some people would like for you to believe video games are influencing children’s behavior negatively, but that is not entirely true. Many positive effects of video games have been noted and shown in fact to have a positive effect on children and their behavior. Video games today have more of a positive influence than a negative one on children’s behavior because of all the different learning styles being used: kinesthetic, auditory, and visual.

Children are actually learning through play, even though they do not know it or if it does not seem that way, just like when you play make-believe by yourself or with others. Playing make believe is similar as if you were on a keyboard and mouse, a controller, or a game-pad. To help parents be able to put positive behavior into play, most console games and computer games come with ratings and age ranges listed. This help parents decide which game is age appropriate for their child.

The cognitive functions of humans have been shown to improve while playing video games. During play, visual processing, attention span, vigilance, concentration, eye-hand coordination, spatial attention, and multitasking are all being used and improved. These functions develop in a way to show positive effects for children because they have learned to do tasks outside of the games. Some of the learning experiences of playing games can be applied to doing chores at home, and understanding…

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